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KAMABEN Sp. z o.o.

Kamaben was established in 1993. A family business enjoying steady growth due to the ongoing commitment and effort of all company members.
The company supplies the stationery industry in Poland and other European countries. Some of our clients have been with us since the very beginning and value our partnership model of collaboration and trading. You will find all the information about our popular products in relevant sections. Enjoy!

The Kamaben Team.

Our products

Magic® Glue.

MAGIC® Glue in a tube is a wonderful product that makes us proud. White and creamy, after drying becomes flexible and transclucent, so it totally deserves its name!

new magic glue stick

NEW Magic® Glue Stick.

NEW Magic® Glue Stick is a great new addition to the Kamaben product range.
Clearly an outstanding product on the market, brilliant and handy at the office, pre-school, school, and for use by younger hands at home.


Magic® Glue Stick.

Our Magic Glue Stick® is a brilliant addition to the Magic glue product family.
A handy size, long expiry date and ease of application make it perfect for use in school, office, home and more!


Magic® pencil crayons

Exceptional colouring pencils made of light and durable cedar wood.
Long lasting leads with high pigmentation colour. Great for little artists as well as the older ones.


Magic® Sticky Tack

One of our latest products. Sticky Tack offers good bonding properties and optimum elasticity. Excellent for arts and crafts and DIY. The product is being regularly improved to match properties with customer needs.


All-in-One Magic® Glue set

This set meets all your glue needs. Contains: Magic® CR Glue 45g with precise applicator and Magic® Glue stick 20g.

Magic Kamaben Gel Ink Rollerball Pen

Magic® Kamaben Gel Ink Rollerball Pen

Precision stainless steel 0.7mm tip.
Approx. 600 m of writing line.
Certficate ISO 27668.
Bonds well to paper.
Bright colours guaranteed. Refillable. Retractable Gel Pen.

Magic 6 km pen Kamaben

Kamaben’s Magic® Gel Ink Rollerball Pen

Delivers a smooth writing experiences, control and superior quality. Retractable, refillable gel ink pens with precision stainless steel 0.7mm tip will provide you with approx 6km of writing line.

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Creative Magic®

Have a look at some amazing and creative projects made using our products.

The magic of helping others.

The Kamaben company loves helping and supporting those in need.

Since its establishment it has been supporting schools, social care institutions, and individuals. It donates goods and more. Over 1200 children have already benefited from Kamaben donations.


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