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    I use it mostly for bookbinding, but it’s fantastic for arts&crafts,too! Good to see the improved nozzle!

    Agnieszka Frątczak

    Top notch! Small but mighty!

    I can’t live without it in my scrapbook world.

    Katarzyna Porabialska

    It repairs everything,even broken toys.

    The best price on the market. No need to look elsewhere!

    Tadeusz Kasperski

    Top marks! Handy size and great results! My scrapbook world would not exist without it!

    Sława Rodziewicz

    Your glue products are incredible! It is unreal what they can do!

    Maciej Malinowski

    Brilliant company,brilliant glue. Thanks ever so much for the products

    Anna Czajczyńska, Preschool nr3, Belchatow

    Thank You!